If you receive a flawed or damaged order, we are always willing to refund it. Please provide a photo and clear description of the damage or flaw to alyssa@trendyfabrics.net and we will send the best return address according to your location. For flaws that are on or within 3 inches of the selvage, such as bleed through, (they aren't very common) we do not offer reprints/refunds.

Note: You have 5 business days to let us know if there’s an issue. Check your order promptly after you receive it to avoid missing the window. All returns must be unwashed and uncut or they are not eligible for a refund. Any flaws brought to our attention after this time period will not be eligible for a refund.


Once we confirm the issue after we receive your return, we will refund to original payment within 14 days. If the issue is not confirmed as flawed or damaged, we will ship back the returned package to original order address and cancel refund request.

Color differences due to the display settings of your computer monitor are not grounds for a refund. Tolerance is a normal result when monitor is in RGB mode and printer is CMYK ink.

Due to the fact that we use different suppliers, texture may vary from roll to roll. We try to stick with our normal suppliers as much as possible, but occasionally we have to reach out to new ones. If rolling does occur with your material this is not grounds for a refund.

You are responsible for the final print. If you upload a non seamless or low resolution image that is not grounds for a refund. Please ensure your image is high quality and seamless before purchasing. 

Our production time takes 10-12 business days before shipping. We are not responsible for delayed shipping once the package is scanned in. We are not responsible for lost/stolen packages. Please reach out to your local post office if this occurs.

5. Delayed TAT

In the event of natural disaster, TAT may be delayed. In these cases we will update our Facebook group as often as possible and refunds/cancellations will not be available on any orders.

6. Wrong file/base fabric

If you submit the wrong file, scaling, or base fabric for your order BEFORE it is printed, your order will be canceled and you must resubmit it. Once the order is printed it cannot be canceled or changed. Due to the fact that the merchant must pay fees on canceled orders, a 2.9% + 30 Cents CC fee will be kept by Trendy Fabrics LLC.

7. Order Cancellation 

Once your order has been printed to paper or pressed to fabric we do not allow cancellations unless we are past our 12 business day TAT.